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Moles are active all year-round and if left can cause some serious damage. The tunneling of the mole runs separates roots from the soil, killing grass and all other vegetation in its path.

Molehills are usually the main frustration for our customers, but the hills are just what’s visible on the surface, Moles also tunnel under foundations of buildings, driveways, roads and can also do major damage drainage systems, water defenses, pond lining, garden lighting wires + anything else in the mole's path!

Moles have primary runs and explorative runs with a complexed tunnel system. The mole will always extend its tunnel system once the food source is reduced within the tunnels, this is when the mole will create new tunnels, venturing into new sections of your garden.

Please avoid the old wives tales, you will waste time and push the mole off its natural pattern causing more damage to your garden/business, some of the common ones we see are Windmills or sticks with bottles placed on them, or garlic cloves stuck into the run!

Flooding is also a common thing we see, the customer will stick the hose pipe down the run, due to the moles complexed tunnel system this will not cause the mole any problems. With the moles main food source being earthworms the water will bring more worms to the surface supporting the mole, potentially causing more damage than good.

New technology like the vibrating mole deterrent also causes more damage; the vibration will occasionally move the mole into a different direction within your garden, but the device will not move the mole into the next village, from experience the majority with dig straight round the device.

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My Name is Mark Telford, I’m based in Doncaster where I’ve lived all my life, I’m married with two children. I’ve been supporting farmers with pest control since the young age of 13, many years on I’m now the director of Tornado Mole control Limited.  I'm a dedicated mole specialist, with a massive passion for customer satisfaction.

For 19 years I’ve also been working in a local warehouse which provided me with a regular salary to support my family. My position was the warehouse manager.

Growing my business as a sole trader whilst working 40hrs each week in a senior position was not sustainable, so I made the decision to put 100% into Tornado Mole Control and follow my passion, leaving my main job behind and going self-employed as a professional mole catcher 100%.

Over the years I’ve visited thousands of locations, with different features and soils, whilst dealing with all weather conditions that can dramatically change the natural pattern of the mole, which has provided me with the skill and knowledge to successfully get a quick catch.

I’m currently the only employee at Tornado Mole Control, but next year I’m looking at expanding my radius slightly, so I’ll be looking at recruiting a trainee mole catcher!

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